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About Sharp Point Data Ltd.

Innovative.  Experienced.  Trusted.

Sharp Point Data was formed in 2007. The Company has significant depth of knowledge in the Insurance & Financial Services Industry. From the early days of process consulting and optimizing print output in the Group Pension Space for Carriers. To today, where we are leaders in the transformation and sustainability of digital solutions across many Insurance and Financial Services lines of business. Innovation has always been at the forefront of what we do, as we drive success for our clients and help them optimize their operations and meet their goals.




It quickly becomes clear, based on Client feedback, that the Company needs to augment it's process consulting with software solutions.  



Sharp Point Data Ltd. is formed predominantly as a process re-design company.


Acquires Tremware Corp.

The Company acquires a mid-tier software Company with a software platform that instantly expands the Company's Client base.


Expansion into Distribution

Expansion into the Financial Services distribution sector begins with the early development of AdvisorConX.


Maestro 3.0 Development and AdvisorConX Development

As the pandemic took hold, the Company was hard at work supporting it's existing Clients, while taking the opportunity to significantly enhance it's software across all areas in anticipation of the new world post-pandemic.



The Company goes through a growth spirt as a result of a number of successful deployments to large Insurance carriers.



The Company is once again experiencing growth with the Carrier and Distribution applications that are available.

Our Affiliates

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Shared Services Model

SPD utilizes a shared service model across all our solutions. This results in maximum value to our clients, often allowing us to deliver at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.



Get to Know Us

Our culture empowers us to think and act like owners. Our people are clear about what is expected of them with regard to our business model, our strategy and our values. Within this framework, we empower our teams to make decisions and customize their approach in order to maximize the relevance and impact for their Customers. Our people thrive in Sharp Point's fun, flexible and measured culture.  They are accountable, and they deliver.

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