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Why Choose Sharp Point Data?


Sharp Point Data has been providing innovative solutions for over 15 years.  Our Clients have come to not only appreciate, but expect us to always be searching for better ways to help drive efficiencies.  Most recently we've been integrating artificial intelligence ("AI") into many of our solutions.


We aren't a start-up.  We have over 15 years of depth and experience that has amassed into a large library of applications that can be tailored to meet the needs of our Clients.  Our staff are energized and deeply knowledgeable in our Client's businesses.


We are highly motivated to help our Clients succeed.  Not only during an implementation, but we are in it for the long-haul.  The result is that we have long-standing relationships with our Clients that are predicated on trust.


Financial Services Carriers

We are experts in group / employee benefits.  We have a large library of applications that automate digital member communication.  It's a new world out there, and carriers are unlocking the power of digitally communicating with their plan sponsors and members.  Solutions examples are plan management, on-line enrolment and plan specific portals.

MGA's and TPA's

Drawing on our plan management knowledge and digital plan communication of the carrier solutions, we offer a variety of solutions to MGA's and TPA's in the group/employee benefit area.  In addition to the digital communication offering, we also offer a cloud based client/plan management system.


Built by advisors, for advisors.  Our AdvisorConX solution is taking the distribution world by storm.  A complete practice management/CRM solution PLUS the ability to manage plan design and renewals for your group clients using a sophisticated, yet intuitive AI engine.  

Financial Services Carriers

Applications and Solutions​

  • Plan Management (Stand-alone and integrated with record keeping system)

  • Online Enrolment 

  • Digital Member Communication

  • E-Proposals

  • High-net Worth Proposal System

MGA's and TPA's

Applications and Solutions

  • Advisor Management

  • Plan Management 

  • Online Enrolment 

  • Digital Member Communication

  • Renewal and Request-to-Quote automation (AI driven)

  • Reporting - By Advisor, By Carrier

  • MGA/TPA Custom Proposals/Reports

Financial Advisors

Applications and Solutions​

  • Practice Management

  • CRM (Group, Wealth, Insurance)

  • Plan Design and Details

  • Plan Mangement

  • Renewal and Request-to-Quote automation (AI driven)

  • Custom Proposals/Reports

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