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Technology and Services

Innovative.  Experienced.  Trusted.


The underpinning of everything we do is the continued advancement of technology and the pride we have in deployment.  Our highly experienced solution architects develop solutions WITH you not FOR you.  We have a long track-record of success deploying highly sophisticated solutions across all of our business lines.     

Maestro delivers and tracks custom content. The system allows for custom flows, automated delivery, and a full audit trail.

E-mail, websites, data feeds and even print routing can all be integrated with Maestro.


Example existing applications:

  • Online enrolment

  • Plan management (group insurance)

  • Electronic proposals (Group and individual products)

  • Digital marketing 

Process Consulting

The transformative power of process redesign is your key to unlocking efficiency and excellence. It's a strategic approach to reimagining your operations, reducing waste, and enhancing productivity.  Coupled and enabled through effective deployment of technology we can help you deliver real results and real benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs,

  • Improve productivity and reduce lead times,

  • Enhance customer satisfaction,

  • Drive innovation to outperform competitors.


We have 30 years of research and proven results in strategies for innovation, process redesign, and effective teams.


Our robust methodology and approach have helped organizations such as IBM, Unilever, Canada Life, and Manulife reap dramatic outcomes, and it is foundational to how Sharp Point operates.

Client Services

Our Client Services team has a proven track-record of architecting and deploying solutions that work.  Not only for day one, but also ensuring the solution continues to deliver and build over time.  We consider ourselves Partners with our Clients, and have long standing relationships to show for it.


We have a team of dedicated professionals that include Project Managers and Security Experts that will provide as much or as little support as you need.   All focused on 2 things - achieving your business objective and maximizing your return-on-investment.

  • Microsoft Azure Partner

  • Cloud and private cloud available

  • World class security policies followed mercilessly

  • Enterprise security reporting and testing is a constant

  • Highly optimized and cost effective 

Infrastructure and Security

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